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We are very pleased with the artistry of the finishes achieved on our new home by Swanepoel Painting, Inc. and Vintage Woods (www.vintagewoodsinc.net), and the professionalism of the service personnel. The painting process is elevated several notches when you are dealing with Nick Swanepoel because he is a true...

Michael & Terry Lowe, Homeowners
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Swanepoel Painting has been working in the Vail Valley and surrounding ski areas for 19 years. True to our Dutch heritage, we've had a love affair with paint colors and creative finishes since our inception. In addition to being unique, we like to think of ourselves as a one-stop service that provides creative finishes using both new and old painting technologies and techniques. Swanepoel Painting prides itself on coming up with creative finishes, whether it be modern, clean, contemporary or old world. We also do it in a manner that keeps up with today's environmental expectations. You will find out when you work with Swanepoel Painting that quality comes first.

During your experience with Swanepoel Painting you can expect a truly inspirational painting experience where we are personally involved in creating your final masterpiece.